Officers elected for BUS

Michael Lewis

Black United Students held elections yesterday to determine the student representatives for next academic year.

By the end of the day, 126 votes were counted and results were finalized for the new officers. Four positions have yet to be filled.

“It’s a big accomplishment,” said Nathan Williams, newly elected BUS community affairs officer. “Now I have to live up to the title.”

Marion Styles, assistant director of multicultural programs in the Office of Campus Life, said some current board members may return to fill the empty seats and provide more experience. A special forum will be held to determine who will fill the vacant positions.

“This group is a good group of kids,” Styles said. “I am pleased with the results.”

According to the BUS constitution, it is the duty of the officers to bring black students together in order to help deal with the problems on campus. Officers have a responsibility to “create awareness of black heritage and to further develop a black identity” without leaving anybody behind.

“We are looking forward to another strong year, and the growth of our organization,” said Nyana DeJarnette, newly elected vice president. “It’s another fresh start.”

— Michael Lewis