FlashFest is big hit

Mandi Noyes

The All Campus Programing Board presented MTVU’s Campus Invasion

Sophomore meteorology major Adam Jackson falls to the ground after being pushed by freshman psychology major Mike McCauley. Jackson and McCauley wrestled in inflatable sumo costumes at FlashFest.

Credit: Andrew popik

Loud, echoing screams and handshakes attempt to drown out the instruments but fail. The lead singer walks toward the mic, all the strobe lights turn deep purple and he belts out the song “Hysteria.”

Muse has taken the stage for the conclusion of FlashFest.

Muse performed last night in the M.A.C. Center as part of MTVU’s Campus Invasion Tour sponsored by the All Campus Programming Board.

Freshman fashion merchandising major Chuck Falk said he was pleased with the bands that performed.

“I really liked godot. because (the music) was funky, experimental and had soul,” Falk said. “They performed with Nuff-Sed and backed him up because he got rained out. That was cool.

“Common was really good too. He had a DJ and a keyboard with him. He also talked to everybody. This was my first FlashFest, and I have been having a good time.”

Andy Millbert, freshman finance major, said he heard of Muse from his roommate and has the band’s CD. He said he thought it was “awesome” for the ACPB to invite Muse to perform.

“I think it is good for ACPB to have up-and-coming bands perform because all bands need to start somewhere,” Millbert said. “A lot of people do not know about the Muse though, so they might not come to watch them perform.”

Theresa Vanik, junior marketing major, said this is her second FlashFest and came to see Muse and to have a good time.

Vanik said the ACPB has done a good job of targeting different types of people.

“The last three years have had bands and groups for all kinds of people,” Vanik said. “My freshman year there was Nappy Roots, last year there was Howie Day and this year there was a more punkish feel going on with the Muse. ACPB has done a great job trying to bring in different types of music for everybody.”

Sophomore marketing major Max Kane was happy with the activities at FlashFest because he won the five-disk CD/DVD five-speaker system from the Coca Cola stand at the event.

“It was pretty sweet,” Kane said. “I brought an empty Coke bottle and had the chance to spin the wheel to win a prize.

“I thought I was going to just get the T-shirt you get for spinning. I ended up landing the entertainment system.”

Other bands that performed this year at FlashFest were: Famous, Nuff-Sed, godot., Evan Evolution, Common and Razorlight.

After the last band wrapped up, huge white balloons were dropped from the ceiling into the crowd, and FlashFest 2005 came to and end.

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