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Stars, stripes thong as OK as burning your flag

Dear Editor:

In the Point/Counterpoint on Feb. 16, Erin Roof makes a hypocritical statement. In her column she asks, “What is more disrespectful: a young man burning a flag in protest of murderous foreign policy or a woman who didn’t vote in the last election wearing stars and stripes thong underwear?” Miss Roof also says, “I want laws to protect me from capitalistic greed over ones that infringe upon my freedom of speech.” Well Miss Roof, you are opinionated on this subject, and I am not saying you shouldn’t be; however, you have just committed a crime against yourself.

You were able to use your freedom of speech by defacing an American flag in a show of disappointment. Well, the girl wearing the thong is using her freedom of speech in a show of American pride. Are you saying that because the girl wearing the thong didn’t vote in the last election, she is not allowed to wear stars and strips underwear?

You, on the other hand, are so informed on political topics, you are allowed to burn the symbol of America. You are allowed to hate America. You also are allowed to leave America. So, the girl is allowed to love America. She is allowed to wear American things, even thongs.

You say that it is more repugnant to wear stars and stripes thongs than to burn a flag. Please inform us of how you will know if someone is wearing such a thong. You are free to exercise your political equality and petition the businesses to stop producing patriotic items. You wrote that your defacing a flag “was an extreme act, but it seemed appropriate to my feelings.” If your feelings justify destroying America’s symbol, then the girl’s feelings justify her use of a patriotic thong.

If America bothers you so much, then leave! If you don’t like capitalism, then by all means move. You won’t have to fret over capitalism. But if you persist in staying in a country you hate and want to get rid of an institution that has worked for centuries, then what government system do you suggest?

Socialism? Communism? Well, we’re all listening — even the thong-wearers.

Sheena Novotny

Visual journalism major and thong wearer