Letters to the editor

Education degrees are not something to boast about

Dear Editor:

I’m sorry, I just have a few things to say about the April 4 editorial page. First, an education degree isn’t worth the “treasure” I just left in the toilet. It’s the degree you get when college is “just too hard.” Now, I don’t know if it’s the same for Mr. Dean’s “triple-bypass, megaton, nuclear degree,” but everyone I’ve ever talked to who wasn’t in the education department knows I’m right. If you think I’m wrong, just look at all the worthless, good-for-nothing, “I don’t know what I’m talking about but somehow I’m qualified to teach it” educators we have in this country. I’m sure you all remember going, “When am I going to need to ever know this crap?” If a teacher can’t answer that simple question, he’s not qualified to teach. Our education degree in this country is such a joke. I AM GLAD we allow anyone with a baccalaureate degree to substitute teach.

Here’s a thought: If you can teach a little of everything, you probably can’t teach anything properly. I want to learn from teachers who know and are passionate about what they are telling me, not some schmuck who thinks he’s some kind of hero because he wants to be a teacher. Sorry, guy, it’s only a noble profession if you do it right, not just if you do it. Maybe there’s a reason you don’t ever get any work … In the words of my good friend Stewie (“Family Guy”), “YOU SUCK!” My mother is a “pseudo-sub” as you call it, and somehow without being friends with every secretary and principal in the tri-county area, she had managed to get jobs with almost every school. Maybe if you want a job, you should think of acting like an adult and not a whiny cry-baby! “Me first” isn’t exactly the way to approach your employer! Or you could move somewhere else where they’re low on teachers or maybe just put your name in with more schools!

Do you not remember school, you idiot, how many of those teachers were qualified to do what they did? None! (Well, maybe a couple.) And guess what … They all had education degrees. I’ll be writing an editorial on how I think they can fix the education degree sometime in the near future but, as it is now, I would rather see an ancient Greek studies major teaching than almost any “certified teacher.” Sorry if the truth hurts, but that’s the way I see it!

Moving on, I have a short snippet to say on Mr. Norvell’s column. Usually, you have the best editorials in this paper, but in this one, I have some major disagreements. (And isn’t that what a healthy democracy is all about, being able to disagree?) Somehow, I don’t think it’s the socialists pushing for smoking bans; somehow, I think it’s this so-called “moral majority” that I’ve never met but have heard a lot about. These are the same people who want the drug war, the same people who want a ban on gay marriage, the same people who don’t think I have the right to take my own life, the same people who’ve been brainwashed to think that we should never regulate the economy but we damn well better regulate society! These are the people who want to stop me from seeing Janet Jackson’s tits at the Super Bowl and want to tell me that I can’t have consensual sex with a woman that I just gave $50! I don’t know, call me weird, but I seem to believe that people should have the right to be immoral.

On the other hand, when that immorality involves directly exploiting others for the sake of your own glory, such as most corporate douche-bags — including the owners of the cigarettes I so love to enjoy, someone has to put a stop to it! Look, I believe in an open market, I believe in rewarding people for their good deeds and hard work, but you will never get me to believe the ends justify the means and we should do whatever we can to “hit the numbers.” If believing that the only way to “earn” a billion dollars is to screw over half the world makes me a socialist, then that’s what I am. But I also believe government has no right to even touch social issues, so doesn’t that make me a libertarian, too? I don’t know how to end this, so I’ll end with a quote by James Madison that has no correlation to what I’ve said but does correlate with the times: “If tyranny and oppression were to come to this land, it would be under the guise of fighting a foreign enemy!”

Adam Zandarski

sophomore history major