Beanie Sigel’s underdog bark speaks like a champ

Jeremy Porter

Credit: Jeremy Porter

On April 22, 2004, Beanie Sigel, a.k.a. Beans, was sentenced to one year in federal prison on gun charges. March 29, 2005, marked the release of his third solo album, The B.Coming, fueled by his recent experiences with the law.

“Honor, trust, respect, devotion, friendship, loyalty, karma, team, us, ROC, silence,” Beans raps in the intro to “I Can’t Go On This Way.” These words describe some themes in the lyrics and songs to The B. Coming.

“I Can’t Go On This Way” is a personal favorite of this reviewer. The beat is dark and gloomy, just like most of this album, with a woman singing the song’s title. Beans feeds the listener’s brain with lyrics like, “I was taught to trust the Lord but still tie up your camel/ Use your tongue as your sword and your books as your ammo.”

“Purple Rain” is a theme song for smokers and sippers with extra lyrical strength added by UGK’s Bun B. The beat could be described as “tipsy” and the lyrics won’t blow your high like the song’s chorus asks.

“Lord Have Mercy” is a song whose title says it all. The chorus is sung softly and sadly by Asia Ashley, with the beat in the same tone. Beans fears the worst when he raps, “Receiving signs from Osama that the days is near/ When babies is baby Mommas man them days is here.”

None of these songs are boring skippers, but some will get skipped based on the high quality of others. “It’s On” features Jay-Z, high caliber lyrics and a laid back beat. “Flatline” has an average beat with raw lyrics from Sigel. “Look at Me Now” is an uplifting song with confident lyrics and a subtle chorus along with another laid back beat. “Wanted” features Cam’Ron’s flamboyancy, Beans’ strong lyrics, and a beat that sounds like it’s from the video game Castlevania. The rest of the seven songs are good, but don’t grab the listener’s ear like the ones described above.

This album is a worthy purchase for anyone who’s a fan of Roc-A-Fella records. The Jay-Z-led record label has released many high quality albums and this is one of them.

Beanie Sigel is an underdog in hip-hop, and this album and succeeds in most of his songs in his effort to be heard like a true champ.

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