20goto10 is going to the Rathskeller this Friday

Allison Bugg

Bloody good! Local band 20goto10 will be playing a show at the Rathskeller this weekend.

Credit: Beth Rankin

A good way to get noticed around the local music scene is by doing something different, and that’s just what local band 20goto10 is doing.

Matthew Sturgeon, who plays a synthesizer in the band, said 20goto10 has become a unique, one-of-a-kind band and is finally getting the credit it deserves.

“We strive to be different because there are a million punk bands and only a handful of them make it big,” he said.

Sturgeon said a band like 20goto10 has much better odds when it comes to being signed by a label and making it in the music business simply because the music’s different.

That’s why it’s not surprising the band’s being noticed, he said.

The Akron-based group formed in the summer of 2003 with William Manke on synthesizer, Sara Eugene on vocals and Sturgeon on synthesizer.

“Our sound comes from a number of different influences like David Bowie and Kraftwerk, but we are mostly inspired by horror films,” he said.

While it’s difficult to put the band in a specific genre of music, Sturgeon compared it to ’80s band Depeche Mode.

“We love making music,” he said, “and I think it’s an outlet for everybody, especially when we put our hearts and emotions into it.”

The band recently recorded its first album Tears from the Electric Eye at Dreamstate Studios in Akron. It includes 16 original songs and will be available later this month.

Sturgeon said the group also has a 12-song demo CD, called Eight Bit Demos, which it uses as a music sample for area venues and sells it for a low cost at shows.

“We like being in the studio and recording, so we really want to do more of that as soon as possible,” he said.

In the meantime, the band continues playing local and regional shows just about every weekend.

“April’s going to be a very busy month for us because we have at least one, sometimes two shows a week,” he said, “and that’s tough when we’re all working part-time jobs.”

While Sturgeon creates the drum rhythms and leads for songs, Manke’s responsible for creating melodies and fills as well as collaborating with Eugene on lyrics. Eugene also writes all vocal melodies.

The band’s ultimate goal is signing on with an independent label that would help get its name out and distribute its CDs, Sturgeon said.

“As a group we have no major future plans but to have fun,” he said. “We have all made sacrifices to be in this band, and when we stop having fun is when it’s time to quit.”

The band’s next show is Friday at the Rathskeller. For more information, visit www.20goto10.us.

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