Cartwright enjoys special Valentine’s Day serenade


President Cartwright is presented with a special song by the Men’s Chorus for a Valentine’s gift yesterday in the president’s office.

Credit: Beth Rankin

President Cartwright was surrounded by a quartet from the Kent State Men’s Chorus as she was presented with a singing valentine.

Cartwright accepted the valentine, giggling.

“I’m blushing,” Cartwright said.

The quartet was clad in tuxedos with roses in hand as they charmed her singing “Heart of My Heart” and “Wild Irish Rose.”

Bass singer Robert Dumovic offered Cartwright his rose first, booming his closing solo line, “Only you.”

Cartwright was tickled to be included in the Men’s Chorus valentines.

“I think its great that we have so many talented students that use their talents to do fun things like this,” Cartwright said.

The singers included Michael Martin, David Cole, Maurice Martin and Dumovic.

This Men’s Chorus quartet then proceeded to complete 23 other valentine orders in the Kent area before 8 p.m. yesterday.

—Carissa Bowlin