Spring 2005 Fashion:ÿ Flirty and Fun

JaLynn Hardy

Fluttering dresses of filmy floral-printed fabrics look to be a strong trend for spring. They were on display at the Dallas Apparel Mart in Dallas, Texas.

Credit: Andrew popik

Blue-green is a strong color for spring trends.

Credit: Andrew popik

The past decade of fashion has had us living, breathing and loving black. Not only black, but any neutral color, like brown and gray, which gave us comfort and made us feel safe.

Gone are the days of conservatism where black was a girl’s best friend. This year, designers found inspiration in a mixture of color intensity. Colors that make even the most avant garde fashionista a little shaky at the boutique. It’s as if designers went wild with the paint palette. 

This spring you can expect to see an infusion of colors. Emerald green, bright orange, lavender, mint and saffron yellow have been jumping off the runway. Oh, and just to confuse the fashion savvy more, white is now the new black.

Forget the tight, harsh, non-feminine, power-‘80s look and move into the flirty, full andfun feel of the ’50s. Yes, fashion can once again be happy and lively.

Designers decided to appeal to the extra girly side in every woman by using bright florals and vintage prints that will make even the most boring person seem intriguing.

Tired of stick figures strutting down the runway with virtually nothing on? 

These springy styles call for a body that has true curves.

Spring Trends: What’s in store

The Forgotten Blouse: Such an understatement of femininity. This year the focus is back on the chest and shoulders. Runway looks included necklines with a scoop-neck, V-neck and little straps. If you want more of a night-time look, go for the strapless.

Full Skirts: Remember Christian Dior’s “New Look” from 1947?  It’s making a comeback on the runways big-time this year. Don’t know what that is? Think Marilyn Monroe in a strapless cocktail dress (surrounded by many suitors, of course) and wearing a pearl necklace with evening gloves. Get the picture?

If you buy one thing this year, make it the full knee-length skirt. Runway shows hosted an entourage of big, whimsical, flirty skirts that capture the innocence and fun of the ’50s.

Suit Jackets: Jackets are sort of the icing on the cake for spring fashion this year. Jackets received their inspiration from the ’40s. Many were shown cropped or fitted through the waist. Designers went for details such as V-shaped jacket collars, buttons and multiple pockets.

Trench Coats: My personal must-have fashion statement for the season. Trench coats are another part of the ’40s inspiration. They were shown in tweed, python and floral prints. Key details lie in the piping, buttons and rounded shaped lapels. Another approach to the trench coat is the a-line style in a floaty and fun-vintage print.

Baggy Pants: Designers went with baggy pants sitting just below the waist. Pants were flowy and roomy with the focus on draping. Two-inch cuffs at the ankle followed this season’s baggy pant look. Solid white was the trend for pants along with off-white and khaki.

Bohemian Rhapsody: This season’s focus on bright colors and prints gave designers a carte blanche to create gypsy-inspired looks. Billowy fabrics gave way to intense ruffles, and whimsical dresses were featured both short and long. For this look the focus was on the empire waist line, with flat strappy sandals.

Cocktail Dress: Just the look for when you want to have a martini in style. Look for it in vintage prints, embroidered fabrics or one of those new bright spring colors. Bottoms were worn as full-bodied skirts with the waist cinched in. Look for top styles that flatter your shoulders and bust. To get the full look, accessorize with pearls, high-heels, and brooch.

Go Goddess Style: No mortal ever messed with the gods and turned out good. You can emulate a little Grecian power of your own in one of these long flowing gowns. Models wore this look long with shoulder straps and a natural waist. The pleats and sensual draping are what give way to the look and shape of these gowns. Combine those design elements with bright colors and you’re guaranteed to get attention without the gods’ help.

Strappy Shoes: This year both flats and heels are in. Say good-bye to the stiletto and hello to the new ’70s-inspired styles. The espadrille is back in bright and sassy colors. The shape is like the platform shoe only more natural looking. Shoes were designed with cork heels while others had more of a rope trim look. The only way this kind of a shoe stays on is with a strap that ties around the ankle. For those who don’t want to be taller, moccasins and ballet flats were trend-spotted as well.     

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