Career Closet offers students professional clothing for free


Mannequins show some clothing offered at The Career Closet. 

Emily Walters Reporter

When it comes time to update your wardrobe on a budget it can be difficult, but Career Services offers help for that. 

The Career Closet started as an idea from a few female staff members looking for ways to give back to students. The Career Closet has gone from that conversation to a multi-site organization with pop-up shops.

“The Career Closet is completely free to students and they get to keep the clothing they pick out,” said Aryanna Sciranka, communication and event specialist for career services.

The closet contains new or gently-used professional clothing for men and women. All you need to have access to the closet is a valid Flashcard. 

“There are a ton of clothes available. Any type of professional clothing you can think of,” said Marissa Trubatch, a junior EHHS student, who volunteers with the Women’s Center. 

Trubatch said the closet has everything from ties to women’s power suits.

To get clothing, students can visit Career Exploration & Development or the Women’s Center during office hours. The closet is also available in pop-up shops during CED walk-ins. 

“We will have a pop-up at the Career Fair so that way if students come and need professional clothes they can change and then go into the Career Fair,” Sciranka said. 

The closet will be in one of the racquetball courts during the Career Fair.  

Anyone can donate to the Career Closet. The Career Closet looks for newer, in style, gently used business attire. Clothes can be dropped off in the Women’s Center and the Career Exploration office. The closet will not accept shoes. 

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