IGC continues to pursue Kent State plot to highlight cultural diversity

Taylor Peach Reporter

Programs within Kent State University have been established to strengthen the sense of belonging on campus for multicultural students, but there is still recognition to be given to the KSU Integrated Greek Council (IGC). 

“So we’re working to get a plot, which is the historical landmark on any type of college campus,” said Alexandra Strong, senior business management major and director of programming for IGC.

These campus monuments represent an organization’s members, achievements and history. A plot’s display can consist of the charter members, the chapter and its founding date.

In order to obtain a plot on Kent State’s campus, the IGC must first create a proposal. The process of the proposal is ongoing, but the IGC members are not giving up. 

“It’s the belonging part that colored students are struggling with,” said Sydney Evans, vice president of IGC and member of Sigma Gamma Rho.

Kent State has been a diverse campus since 1947, when Oscar Ritchie became the first African-American professor at a university in Ohio, but representation still lacks.

Having a plot on campus would raise awareness of cultural diversity on campus and create insight on the history of IGC organizations. 

“I feel like this will bring more African-American students and multiracial students into a safe space because they feel more comfortable that they see a plot that’s represented by National Pan-Hellenic Council organizations with our black Greek letter organizations,” Strong said.

IGC believes in staying true to their traditions, founders, values and community. Broadening Kent State’s culture could make more multiculturally diverse students feel a sense of the community.

“It gives people a place to kinda congregate and just have sisterhood and brotherhood and just feel like you are included,” Evans said.

The IGC is working hard to get a plot put on Kent State’s campus.

“It’s a way for us to work together to impact our community even more than we do in our work and gives us the experience to kind of see what each other’s orgs do,” Evans said. IGC wants to feel a sense of belonging and appreciation by having a plot on campus.

President of Zeta Phi Beta and co-founder of the Fraternity Sorority Life (FSL) unity committee Mekhayla Diaw is passionate about achieving unity among Kent State’s councils. 

“Our goal really is to like bridge the gap and make it more inclusive between councils,” Diaw said.

The FSL unity committee continues to work hard to try and eliminate any division within the three councils.

“I feel like if we were given more opportunities to broadcast what we’re about, and have more freedom to do so, then it will help,” Diaw said. 

IGC welcomes Kent State students with open arms to their events and meetings.

“Other people don’t feel like they can come to our events just because like they’re predominantly black or like just culturally based but they’re honestly very inclusive,” Diaw said.

Recognizing IGC with a plot will spread awareness, knowledge and history about the Integrated Greek Council and will build a sense of community for multicultural students on Kent State University’s campus.

“Inclusion is culture,” Evans said.

Taylor Peach covers student affairs. Contact her at [email protected]