Finding safety on the university’s website

Reegan Saunders, Assigning Editor

Kent State University introduced a new series geared toward directing students, faculty and staff  to university web features they should know about. 

The first installment of “Where on the Web?” focuses on the campus safety resource, which was created in 2017. These resources are available in the “campus safety” drop-down tab on the Kent State homepage. 

“One of the things that people want to know is how safe the university is and the services that it has in place,” said Tricia Knoles, a Kent State Police officer with an expertise in safety, according to the press release. “With having the tab on the homepage, all of that information is right there for students to click on and see all of the emergency planning guides and information on Flash Alerts.”

Campus safety resources include Police Services, Mental Health Services, Sexual and Relationship Violence and Support Services and Safety Assistants & Escort Services.

For non-urgent, concerning activity on campus, Police Services runs an online anonymous hotline

Mental Health Services manages a collaborative project, “Step Up Speak Out,” which seeks to educate the community on how to assist someone who may be experiencing a mental health crisis. 

SRVSS works to empower victims of power-based violence and works to educate people on how to look out for their peers.

Safety Assistants & Escort Services has a team of about 30 safety assignments who are available from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. to safely escort students across campus. 

For more information on these services visit:

Public Safety

Center for Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services

Step Up & Speak Out

University Housing: Safety and Security

Reegan Saunders is an assigning editor. Contact them at [email protected].