How to pick an apartment

Great first apartment stories usually involve arguments with the landlord, the heat not working or really loud neighbors. The bad thing about these stories is actually living in that apartment. With these tips, one can avoid the tragic first apartment stories. 

According to, making a list of must-haves for the apartment can help. Know how many beds and baths you want. Do you want laundry in your room, or are you okay going to a laundromat? 

Once you pick the apartments you want to consider, take a tour of the facility. Marissa Trubatch, a junior human development and family studies major, said, “Take a tour; each apartment around Kent offers different amenities and opportunities to students. I chose my apartment based on how I felt during the tour.” 

While on the tour, pay attention to the sights and smells of the facility, as well as check the security of the complex as well.

Pay attention to the commute to campus. Is it close enough to walk or will you have to drive? 

The most important thing about renting your first apartment is going to be knowing your budget. Find out what utilities are included with rent and if it is furnished. If it is not furnished, consider the costs of furniture, cookware and apartment essentials. If you do not have a meal plan, include the cost of food when considering your budget. 

Most apartment complexes around Kent State campus base their prices off the market, which means most are going to be competitively priced with each other. A lot of the decision to select an apartment will come down to the amenities they offer. 

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