Kent State students move in for 2022 fall semester


Berkeley Chadwick

Students, with help from their family and friends, move into Koonce Hall on Aug. 20, 2022.

Alexandria Manthey, TV2 News Director

Ty Kohler , Campus Editor

Kent State students living in dorms and some apartment complexes move in this weekend as they begin the 2022 fall semester.

Students began moving in on Friday and move-in will continue until Sunday depending on the last number of their room. Students found their scheduled time based on the first letter of their last name.

This process allows for smaller groups of students to move in at once to make move-in as easy as possible.

Students are required to check in online and complete a room check before they are allowed to move in.

Niko Magda, a sophomore biology major and resident assistant for Koonce Hall, had his first experience helping students with their move-in.

“We’re just trying to keep everything running smooth here. It’s a little before noon and we’ve seen about 50 or so families today,” Magda said. “We also offer events for students to get involved with this week.”

Events Saturday included Tie-Dye with FAB (Flash Activities Board), late night at the library and a FAB bingo night.

Freshman Mason Wallace moving into his dorm for the first time in Koonce Hall on August 20, 2022. (Berkeley Chadwick)

“I am really excited to meet some people. It is my first year of college and I’m enjoying it so far,” said Mason Wallace, a freshman construction management major. “I briefly met my roommate already but I can’t wait to get out here and meet some others.”

Wallace was able to avoid long lines by moving in early in the day, giving him plenty of time to unpack and adjust to being away from home.

“It is definitely a change being here,” Wallace said. “It’ll be weird being about an hour away from home, but I’ll adjust fast.”

Other students still had to experience the long lines of move-in day.

“There is definitely a lot of waiting around for the elevators today,” said Cameron Quinn, a freshman business management major. “I’m trying to make the best of it by talking to the people waiting with me and getting to know some of them, but I really just want to get moved in and start my life here.”

Students who are living off-campus have begun moving in as well. Older students may still participate in events unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Once students have all moved in they can expect Kickoff to start next week. There will be plenty of events going on such as a view of all the clubs at Blastoff, the Dean’s welcome and a first-year student’s lunch.

Ty Kohler is a campus editor. Contact him at [email protected].