FAB throws it back with a rap theme night


Anthony Scilla

A centerpiece from the event.

Anthony Scilla, Reporter

Flash Activities Board and Black United Students co-hosted an 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s theme night Saturday. The event took place in the recently reopened Rathskeller.

The doors opened at 7 p.m.; ‘Laffy Taffy’, a hip-hop song by D4L released in 2005, played over the speakers. Reruns of the show ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ played on screens, and FAB members found their places to help the guests.

Ariyanna Robb, a junior at Kent State majoring in hospitality and event management, has worked with FAB for the past two years and is currently the Director of Entertainment. Robb plans out various events during the semester, including Saturday’s theme night.

“Tonight is a collaboration with BUS, so it’s super exciting for us.” Robb said, “and it’s pretty much just a time period to throw it back to the ’80s, ’90s and 2000’s.”

To plan for the night Robb scheduled a karaoke session, giveaways, photo booths and free cookies for students to enjoy at the event.

The vice president of Black United Students, Kristal Moseley, a senior majoring in fashion design, helped plan the event as well.

“We have events pretty much every week, and sometimes multiple times during the week,” Moseley said, “so it’s a good number.”

Many students choose to get involved with BUS during their time at Kent State.

“In total the entire Black student population at Kent is a member of BUS.” Moseley said, “There’s no special membership application you fill out, you just have to be a Black student.”

VIP Passes handed out to students. (Anthony Scilla)

As they entered attendees filled out a raffle ticket to vote for their favorite of the three eras before grabbing a goodie bag. In the bag, there were curly straws, keychains, a glow stick and a retro-themed magazine cover. They also received a VIP Pass to wear. Guests could also grab a decorated sugar cookie before finding a spot to sit.

Students enjoyed the relaxed environment as songs like ‘Ready or Not’ by Fugees, ‘Kiss of Life’ by Sade, and other 80s-2000s songs played in the Rathskeller.

“It’s definitely a step down from the obnoxious partying I would say,” said Dasia Allison, a freshman majoring in nutrition,  “But yeah, it’s definitely a good vibe in here.”

Isis Brown, a freshman entrepreneurship major, was especially excited about the karaoke.

“Oh, I’m about to cut up,” Brown said. “I’m gonna sing my little heart out.” Brown’s friends Dasia Allison and Candace Drew agreed.

FAB and BUS gave away an assortment of prizes including a POP! Figure, karaoke speaker and bucket hats. The giveaways acted as an incentive to bring students in.

“The free prizes, the raffle,” Sydney Crawford, a junior majoring in interior design, responded when asked what motivated her to come to the event, “the dice, the karaoke machine and I love Karaoke.”

Seth Muntean, a junior studying interior design, went to the event to add to his college experience.

Dasia Allison, Isis Brown and Candace Drew pose for a picture. (Anthony Scilla)

“It was just something to do to get out of the house,” Muntean said, “like something to do with friends, you know? You only have this college experience for like 4 years, me being a junior only have it for one more year. So I was like why not go?”

According to Madalynn Wagner, a member of FAB who is a junior majoring in managerial marketing, the next FAB-hosted event will be their weekly Karaoke in the Rathskeller on Monday.

Anthony Scilla is a reporter. Contact him at [email protected]