D.P. offers late night options in downtown Kent

D.P. Dough, located on Water Street in Kent, Ohio, is a new restaurant option for college students. The restaurant offers calzones for the late night bar rush. 

Michael Piedmonte, a senior biology major, has ordered D.P. Dough twice since it opened. 

He recommended two of his friends to try D.P. Dough after his positive experiences. He said he thinks the restaurant is really good and even tried the restaurant’s peculiar mac and cheese calzone.

Piedmonte talked about using D.P. Dough as another restaurant option during crazy bar rushes.

“I like how it’s open pretty late for the bar rush. Only other places are Jimmy John’s, Gyro George and Guys Pizza. A lot of people go to Guys Pizza.”

Piedmonte said the restaurant’s wait time is something that can be improved.

“They make the calzones fresh, which is great so some wait time isn’t bad at all,” Piedmonte said. “Just something they could improve on in the future. Their best quality is in the way their food tastes. It’s unique compared to everything else in downtown Kent; their ingredients and fresh dough make for amazing food.”

Rebecca Zurilla, a freshman early childhood education major, had never heard of D.P. Dough before she came to Kent. She found the restaurant while walking and wanted to try it. She has tried D.P. Dough twice since its opening and is excited about it.

“I am excited. It’s really good. They’re actually like really big portions and it’s not that expensive,” she said.

She thinks it’s good the restaurant is open late because Kent is a college town. 

Kayla Wolf, vice president of operations and franchise, said the 1987 franchise aims to put its locations near college campuses to reach the target audience of college students.

“That’s how it’s always been with D.P. Dough,” Wolf said. “We’ve always been on college campuses; that’s just what we do. We do late night delivery. Most of our locations are open to 4 a.m. on weekends.”

Wolf said D.P. Dough is not a pizza restaurant. The store only sells calzones, calling themselves the “The Pizza Franchise Alternative.”

Wolf said the bulk of their business is late at night and D.P. Dough is one of the only ones in its market that’s open that late.

Wolf said people should order from D.P. Dough because of its different hours, competitive pricing and good product.

“Our major goal is to provide good customer service, build a customer base here like we do in our other locations and deliver people tasty calzones,” she said.

D.P. Dough is open from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. and offers delivery.

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