Signing Petitions on Campus

Halee Sepulveda

Petitions on Campus from on Vimeo.

Students have been stopped on campus while on their way to class and asked to sign petitions regarding the House Bill 6 for the upcoming election in November. 

Some members of the community are disappointed that the bill incorporates provisions that diminish the Renewable Portfolio Standard and the Energy Efficiency Standard, and want the House Bill 6 on the ballot in November in order to potentially repeal it. 

Environmentalists are against this bill and some voters are going to college campuses like Kent State University in order to have students sign their petitions. 

However the petitioners are not being clear with students before having them sign.

Students have been made to feel uncomfortable because the petitioners on campus are harsh and the students do not feel informed enough about the issue before having to sign their names.

Kent State USG says that any student made to feel uncomfortable by the petitioners on campus should contact the Kent State Police.