KSUPD discuss preparations, staying safe during Kent Halloween

Kent is preparing for its annual Halloween celebration and that means the police are getting ready, too.

Halloween has been a tradition in Kent for decades, but Lt. Mike Lewis with Kent Police said criminal behavior has been on the decline in recent years. 

Kent Police only arrested 13 people off campus last year, which is down from 64 in 2012. Last year, Lewis said celebration was “the calmest Halloween in recent memory.” 

Kent State Police (KSUPD) only made 11 arrests on Halloween over the last two years. However, that doesn’t mean the police are letting their guard down this year, said KSUPD Community Resource Officer Tricia Knoles. 

“We will have extra staff working on Saturday evening to assist in keeping people safe,” Knoles said.  

Knoles is encouraging students to be aware of their surroundings, to not be on their phones and to walk in groups of at least three people. She said making sure students get home safely is most important. 

“If you have a friend who you believe has alcohol poisoning, don’t be afraid to call 911 because they or you may be underage,” Knoles said, “We have a Good Samaritan provision policy for those calling for a friend with a possible mental health-related issue. Regardless, your friend’s life is more important.”

KSUPD also encourages students to utilize the student escort service if walking on campus. The escort service can be reached at (330) 672-7004.

Ride-hailing services are also being offered this weekend like Uber and Lyft. Knoles is advising students to use these services if a designated driver is not present.

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