Robert Speaks

Photo of Robert Speaks. 

Photo of Robert Speaks. 

Senator candidate for the College of Nursing 

What is your platform?

-Have transparent communication between the Dean of the College of Nursing and the students to improve the efficiency of studies for difficult exams

-Fire up more student organizations for nursing students that would have interest in them

-Encourage more supplemental instruction (S.I.) for the college so that students can share ideas, study tips, and collectively help one another grow into professionally and personally developed nurses.

-Have communal events that nursing students will be attracted to in Henderson Hall, which will promote relationships with other nursing majors, faculty, and advisers

-Reach out to alumni for  networking connections

-Promote student involvement on campus both in and out of the college

-Encourage commuter and non-traditional students to feel at home while they’re on campus

Why should people vote for you?

“I am the best candidate to represent the College of Nursing because I have many connections and relationships with a variety of student organizations, students of the college, and the faculty that will give me hindsight of the best possible ways to develop a community, rather than just a college.”

What changes are you looking to enact?

“I am working hard to create more organizations for the College of Nursing. Many students feel like they have no connection between them and the university. To me, the college needs to feel like home, or else I would dread coming to a place where I sit for three-hour lectures and leave without making it a purpose to meet potential co-workers, employers or even friends. I am looking forward to bringing a sense of ‘home’ to the college where students feel comfortable to stay after class, or even in their free time to express their feelings in an environment where their peers will understand them and motivate each other to be the best version of themselves.”