Leah Popkin


Photo of Leah Popkin.

Senator candidate for the College of Education, Health and Human Services

What is your platform?

“It’s changing all the time. I want to be representative for the students because they don’t have much say in our college. After listening to the students and their concerns, I want to be more of a liason by doing numerous things. The first is bringing back the Dean’s Advisory Council. The dean wants to use this tool as a way to listen more to the students and to get them more involved. I also want to implement more clubs because as I was going through clubs for EHHS, I realized there were only three clubs specifically for us, and I feel like we need more to focus on different interests and concentrations.”

Why should people vote for you?

“With my involvement in other clubs and programs on campus like the Student Board of Hillel, Sigma Sigma Sigma and the Child Development Center, I am involved and am able to hear other students because of my visibility on campus. My positions in these clubs help me to delegate and listen to other people’s opinions, reach a consensus and implement them in our college.”  

What changes are you looking to enact?

“The previous EHHS senator began a program that I want to continue to officially implement if I am elected. It’s a babysitting program for students with kids who can’t go to the babysitting center, Child Development Center (CDC), due to the baby’s age or financial purposes. CDC only takes children from 18 months to six years old, so this program would help with younger kids and younger parents. We want to target “the everyday or nontraditional student who needs help.”

“Another thing I want to do is create a program for students to connect them to (a) future career. A lot of students rely on word-of-mouth from their professors to help them find job opportunities. I want to push away from that and help students find jobs they want, not jobs that are convenient.”