Steven Joseph-Farhat

Photo of Steven Joseph-Farhat.

Photo of Steven Joseph-Farhat.

Senator Candidate for the College of Education, Health and Human Services

What is your platform?

I have three key focuses for my campaign. First, we need to see what we can do about improving the way we schedule classes within our college. Time and time again, I’ve heard students worry about graduating on time because certain classes are offered only once a year. To me, that is unacceptable. No one has addressed it and I want to explore ways to fix it..

Second, I want to open greater channels of communication between the students in EHHS and USG. Many students don’t know about USG or who their senator is, and the students can’t have a voice if they don’t even know who to talk to. I want to be a visible face in the college so they’re willing to engage with me with feedback. The students have great ideas, but no one has given them the voice yet.

Lastly, I want to add more clubs and organizations to the college. We have a few great clubs now, but I think we could benefit from some more. We want new clubs that connect students with networking opportunities and careers, not just a social hour.

Why should people vote for you?

I really have a passion to do service for others. That has been apparent in my life in recent years. I love serving others and making a meaningful impact in others’ lives. I’ve met so many people in this college and its amazing students during the course of this campaign, and I will not forget about them if elected. As an education major, I consider White Hall to be my home. I will be around constantly. All my classes will be here, I want to dedicate my time here.

What changes are you looking to enact?

I want to increase peer mentorship in college. Freshman year is a time of adjustment and I want to create an organization to help with this, the Praxis test and prepare them for future classes they have to take.

I want to open up channels of communication, like I said before, by making my social media readily available to students. I believe this is the most accessible way to talk to students who may not be able to see me in person. I want to open this direct line so I can listen to the students in a convenient and easy way for them.

I want to connect faculty to students better. I think effective communication between faculty and students is essential to the success of our college. This involves another area of students I want to focus on: commuter students. I want to make organizations and connections more available to them so they feel like they have a home here at Kent campus, too, within their major and the students and faculty surrounding them.