Best Dessert: Insomnia Cookies


Insomnia Cookies. April 6. 2015.

Payton Moore


Insomnia Cookies

For those with an insatiable craving of M&M cookies at 2 a.m., fear not, for Insomnia Cookies will deliver. Literally. The top dessert in Kent goes to Insomnia for its hot, gooey and fresh cookies, open late to satisfy cravings. Customers can indulge in several different flavors of cookies with a side of vanilla ice cream, ice-cold milk and a friendly setting to enjoy a sweet treat at any time of the day with friends or family.

“The Insomnia s’mores deluxe cookie is one 1,000 times better than any Subway cookie… and who doesn’t love Subway cookies?” freshman aeronautics major Anthony DeGeorge said.


Yogurt Vi

Frozen yogurt never looked as good as it does in the swanky Yogurt Vi in Downtown Kent. Customers choose a bowl, a flavor (or three) and top their yogurt in anything from kiwi to peanut butter sauce. Yogurt Vi credits its success to its fresh design and healthy offerings for the health-conscious and sweet-cravers.


Handel’s, Ray’s Place, Tree City Coffee & Pastry

A three-way tie for third best dessert in Kent goes to Tree City Coffee & Pastry, Ray’s Place and Handel’s. All three offer extremely different desserts from Tree City’s vegan zucchini bread, Ray’s whole peanut butter pie to go and Handel’s homemade ice cream.

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