Our View: In defense of the pothole

KS Editors

Summary: Those who drive on campus, or at least Summit Street, know that potholes are the bane of existence. But the City of Kent can only do so much. 

It’s springtime, so the weather is finally getting warmer. Mountains of snow that line the sheets of ice that claim to be sidewalks and pathways are a common sight. For commuters, that still means taking driving precautions. Yes, the roads and sidewalks are emerging from under the layers of ice and snow, but all of that fresh running water is creating a new hazard that’s plaguing both the City of Kent and the university.

Potholes litter the streets from the middle of the road to the curbs. There is no escape. This problem of roadside infrastructure has arguably been a problem in Kent and cities everywhere for years. Most of the roads on campus are decent, with minimal need to use evasive driving techniques to prevent a car tire from disappearing into the watery pothole. The same cannot be said for most of the roads immediately off-campus. Some might characterize the streets as a war zone, dodging landmines and craters.

Too many commuter students have a problem getting to campus on a good day, but they might not be able to get back home when their suspension is thrown out or a tire is ruptured during winter. 

While students often crack jokes about the issue, with memes flooding social media about entire cars disappearing into the potholes on Summit Street’s hill, they also have to face reality. It is physically impossible to permanently fix the problem. It’s fighting against nature and the elements. We understand that the City of Kent faces an insurmountable task when it comes to repairing the city streets, a task that takes time, resources and manpower which the city probably does not have. We appreciate the efforts of the workers who head out into the cold to do what they can.

We also encourage students to take the necessary precautions when driving on the roads near campus. As always, drive slowly and don’t swerve into other cars to avoid hitting that massive pothole on Loop Road. Please respect the workers who do their best to fix what they can. And respect the potholes, which can seriously damage cars. Even that heart-shaped one outside Business Administration. You’re cute…but you’re still a pothole.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of The Kent Stater editorial board.