News on the go: March 18, 2013

Maura Zurick

The main opposition group to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime is attempting to form a rival government on Monday by selecting a prime minister for the areas of Syria that the rebels control. The group will meet in Turkey to choose one of the 12 candidates who are running. Some Syrians fear this action will only lead to more battles and prolong the civil war.

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In Dublin, Ireland, more than 250,000 people braved the cold weather to celebrate the Irish holiday. People lined the streets of Dublin to watch the traditional 2-mile parade that has performers from 46 countries. About 8,000 tourists in town for the festivities led his year’s procession in a “people’s parade.” Most of the tourists held banners and signs that represented which country they are from.

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Seton Hill University’s women’s lacrosse team experienced tragedy Saturday after the team’s bus veered off the Pennsylvania Turnpike and crashed into a tree, killing a pregnant coach, her unborn child and the driver. Numerous others were injured. There were 23 people on the bus when the accident occurred. No other vehicle was involved and police are unsure what caused the crash. Seton Hill is a catholic liberal arts school near Pittsburgh.

A military judge sentenced an Air Force instructor to four years in prison for raping a female trainee at the South Texas base where he worked. Staff Sgt. Eddy Soto was also given a dishonorable discharge after the conviction on Sunday. More than 30 instructors have been investigated in a military sex scandal. Soto and eight others were convicted in the scandal and sentenced to prison or hard labor.

Riot-equipped police were called out to stop an “unruly” St. Patrick’s Day crowd at the University of Dayton early Sunday morning. The Dayton police station said students were climbing on cars, throwing bottles, yelling and taunting officers and left the streets littered with party debris. However, the police said no injuries were reported.

All information is from The Associated Press.

Maura Zurick is the city editor and the nation and world editor.