Opinion: Tom Brady: best player of our generation

Michael Moses

Michael Moses

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Tom Brady has passed for 1,327 yards in three games. I’ll save you a trip to the calculator — that’s 442 yards per game. That total is the highest of any three-game stretch in NFL history.

Just another reason why he is the greatest quarterback of our era. Hands down. No argument. Game over.

You say Peyton Manning? I say, yeah, right. Peyton has one super bowl win, while Brady has three. Manning has one Super Bowl MVP trophy, and Brady has two. The name of the game is winning, and for those of you who believe in that, then you’d believe in Tom. His career .774 winning percentage is better than those of Brett Favre, John Elway, Dan Marino and Johnny Unitas. Joe Montana is the closest to Brady at .713, while Manning’s .678 doesn’t exactly make for an argument.

Including playoff games, Tom Brady has a winning percentage of 77 percent, which is flat out unheard of.

His resume alone gets him into Canton: over 36,000 yards (17th all-time), and 272 touchdown passes, which currently puts him 10th all-time. By the end of next week, he’ll most likely move ahead of Vinny Testaverde (275) for 7th on the list.

The scariest thing about Mr. Brady is that he just turned 34 and is showing no signs of slowing down — but actually speeding up. The 517 yards he posted in week one versus Miami was a slight indication. Watching him run an offense is as entertaining as watching someone dominate in Madden 2012.

When Peyton Manning drops back to pass, he constantly pitter-patters his steps. Happy feet, if you will. Then take a look at Brady. He takes the shotgun snap and just stands there, as if to say, “Alright, where my boys at?”

Brady doesn’t even need a superstar wide receiver to be successful. Sure, Randy Moss helped — they set the single season record for touchdown passes and touchdown receptions, respectively — but guys like Wes Welker, Deion Branch and Rob Gronkowski look like future Hall of Famers playing with No. 12. Welker hauled in 16 receptions this past Sunday for 216 yards and two scores. It was like they were playing catch in a Pop Warner game.

This season, Brady is on pace to pass for over 7,000 yards, and break Dan Marino’s record by 2,000 yards. The funny thing is that it shouldn’t be comical.

The Patriots don’t really need to run the ball. The quick passes to their receivers are probably more of a guarantee than any tailback bursting through the middle. A certain guy they call Ochocinco is still hitting the books, and when he gets in sync with Brady, they will have one of the best route runners in the game.

New England travels to Oakland this week. The Raiders have the 28th ranked pass defense this season. There’s no reason not to believe that Brady can light up the stat sheet for another 500-yard performance.

The man who endorses Ugg Boots, wears tight clothes, rocks the floppy haircut and dates a supermodel may not come off as an NFL legend, but bite your tongue. Tom Brady is not only the greatest quarterback of our generation, but he may go down as the greatest the game has ever seen.

To think that every NFL team passed up on him six different times makes me like him that much more. He wasn’t the pretty boy that was drafted as a superstar. He paid his dues and became the superstar.

Eventually, the pretty boy too.