‘Kent Talks’ discusses student athlete endorsements

Dante Centofanti Reporter

In April the NCAA’s highest governing body made a groundbreaking ruling that would redefine what the average student-athlete could accomplish. 

The Board of Governors supported a rule change to allow student-athletes to receive compensation from third-party endorsements. Last week as part of a series of Q&A’s called ‘Kent Talks,’ a Zoom meeting was held to discuss this very issue. 

This event was led by Jessica Roshak, assistant director of student leadership development and fraternity & sorority life, along with Meghan Factor-Page, associate director of student involvement and senior leadership consultant Arkeylah Metcalf. 

‘Kent Talks’ are designed to give students a platform to express ideas. Two of the people expressing ideas on endorsements were junior women’s lacrosse player Eva Nikolai and senior softball player Madyson Cole. 

Everyone was divided into groups to discuss student athletes being compensated for endorsements. In the group that was led by Metcalf, Nikolai spoke for those of her fellow Golden Flashes who were not present. 

“I want to share a voice for the athletes who can’t be here,” she said. “I don’t have a super educated opinion, but I want to add my opinion.” 

Cole, a transfer from Rutgers, stressed how the issue of student athletes being paid is focused more towards Power Five men’s basketball and football teams. 

“I know a little bit about the difference between a Power Five, and not a Power Five team,” Cole said. “I think the argument of college athletes being paid is more directed at the Power Five schools. I feel like it’s different, school to school and program to program.” 

Nikolai said that athletes in less publicized sports are in a strange position. 

“If we are putting in the time and gaining attention for the school in some way, it would generate admission and attention. We should get a stipend. I always felt football players should be paid, but it would be confusing if they were the only student-athletes being compensated.”

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