Senderoff officially named head coach

Rachel Jones

Joel Nielsen, the director of athletics at Kent State, officially announced Rob Senderoff as the new head coach of the Kent State men’s basketball team during a press conference Thursday at 3:30 p.m. in the M.A.C. Center.

“(Senderoff’s) seven years with the program have been some of our best years,” Nielsen said. “He separated himself (from the other candidates) with his knowledge, his recruiting records, his commitment and his plans for the future.”

Senderoff said those plans include continuing the team’s current levels of toughness, selflessness and emotion on the court.

After formally meeting with half a dozen candidates and informally talking to a dozen more, Nielsen said he arrived on his decision when Senderoff wrote out the top players he has recruited over the years, including current Mid-American Conference Player of the Year Justin Greene.

Greene and his teammates may have also had a hand in getting Senderoff the head coach position.

The players marched into Nielsen’s office on April 4 and made their case on why Senderoff would be the best selection.

“It was the seniors’ idea,” said junior guard Carlton Guyton. “We just wanted to voice our opinion. He’s been around us and knows us personally, so we want to keep those relationships.”

Senderoff said he appreciated the players taking action like that and hopes to repay them in the upcoming season by getting the most potential and wins out of the group as he can.

“Our kids come here for one reason and one reason only: to win championships and get rings on their fingers,” Senderoff said. “I want to make sure that happens.”

Check back for updates and a TV2 video from the press conference.

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