Field hockey recognizes seniors

Rachel Jones

Caroline Suitch, Bryn Stevens, Stephanie Arbelaez, Nicole Leach, Katie George and Rachel Miller will be honored before the Flashes (10-6, 5-2 Mid-American Conference) take on Central Michigan (4-11, 1-5 MAC) at 1 p.m. on Murphy-Mellis Field.

After four years on the team together, the teammates have evolved from friends to sisters, even to the point of finishing each other’s sentences.

Sports reporter Rachel Jones sat down with the seniors to discuss their time on the team and plans for the future.

RJ: What was your first thought freshman year?

RM: The thing that most hit me was the team chemistry. Everyone was really close, so it was a really nice community to come into.

KG: I was definitely nervous when the girls were really good, but we had a lot of fun.

CS: I said, “How am I going to do this for four years?”

RJ: What do you bring to the team?

CS: Laughter — just stupid laughter and humor.

RM: Laughing at you not with. (Sticks out her tongue at Suitch. Everyone laughs.)

BS: Rachel brings knowledge and game-smartness.

CS: Stephanie brings motivation and intensity.

SA: Leachy (brings) understanding. (She’s) the compassionate one of the group.

NL: (Stevens) is the glue.

RM: (George brings) strength and hard work.

RJ: What are your goals for the team?

CS: I think a common goal is just winning now, winning the MAC and going to NCAA.

BS: I don’t want to leave here without going to the NCAA.

RJ: What are your plans for the future?

CS: I’m going to work at the Hilton Garden Inn in Twinsburg. I’m training for the front desk now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to work my way up through the company.

BS: I still have one more academic year because my major (health and P.E.) is five years.

SA: I have my redshirt year, so I’ll be playing field hockey and doing nursing.

NL: I’m doing business management and minoring in marketing. I’m going back home to San Diego (to) try to find a job there.

RM: I’m a psychology major, and I want to go to grad school and do clinical psychology.

KG: My major is business management, and my minor is computer information systems. I’m going to be here for another two semesters.

RJ: So, how has senior year been?

BS: Everybody says it goes fast, but you never believe it until you’re …

KG: … until you’re telling other people how fast it goes. (Laughs)

BS: Until your knees and your hips and your shoulders are so sore, you need a cane to walk to class.

SA: Until you actually understand what the seniors (our freshman year) were talking about.

RM: I think the saddest part is that this is like our family, and it’s been our family for the past four years. It’s like we’re leaving our family and starting a new addition.

CS: I think about next year, too. When I left home, it wasn’t hard because I had everyone else. But next year, what am I going to do?

RM: And this is getting depressing, so I think we’re going to go. (Laughs)

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