We predicted it from the beginning

Sports staff talks Super Bowl

Why the Colts and Saints were Super Bowl bound from the beginning

In an unpredictable league like the NFL, everything

changes week by week. Here on the Daily Kent Stater

sports staff, however, we all knew since the preseason

who would win the Super Bowl. Scratch that — we all

knew since Week 4. Not quite. Week 8? Not exactly.

Well, we may not have known until the conference

championship games were over, but we aren’t afraid

to admit it. Here’s our Super Bowl “locks” at different

points this NFL season.

Preseason: Minnesota Vikings

(2008 record: 10-6)

The old grizzled veteran leaves

the farm, takes off the Wranglers and

suits up for the new look Purple People

Eaters. What more do you need?

Week 4: Denver Broncos (4-0)

The team is undefeated coming

off a huge win over Cowboys. Kyle

Orton is playing like John Elway and

Josh McDaniels looks like a reincarnation

of Bill Belichick on sugar pills.

Week 8: New England Patriots


Tom Brady is back to his old ways,

the offense resembles the greatest

show on turf and the defense may just

get Dean Pees a head-coaching job.

Week 12: New Orleans Saints


Who dat say dey gonna beat dem

Saints? Not the New England Patriots.

Drew Brees and company just

absolutely embarrassed and dominated

the Patriots on Monday Night


Week 17: San Diego Chargers


The Chargers are easily the

hottest team in the NFL ending

the regular season on an 11-game

winning streak. Momentum is key

going into the playoffs, right?

Super Bowl winner: New

Orleans Saints

I just can’t trust the Colts

defense to stop Drew Brees and

the rest of the Saints offense without

Dwight Freeney. I know the

Saints defense isn’t the ‘85 Bears,

but they’re much better than people

think. Saints 34, Colts 14

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Preseason pick: Pittsburgh

Steelers (2008 record: 12-4, Super

Bowl XLIII Champions)

As a Steeler fan since birth,

I usually lean toward my team

every year. But this year, I had an

excuse: to be the champion, you

have to beat the champion. With

the majority of their starters and

coaches returning from their Super

Bowl winning 2008 team, the Steelers

seemed like a lock.

Week 4: Minnesota Vikings


After scoring 118 points in their

first four games, Brett Favre, Adrian

Peterson and co. were making

opposing defenses look like a

bunch of flapper girls at a speakeasy

on a Saturday night (*cue

1920s reporter voice).

Week 8: Pittsburgh Steelers


I went back to my preseason

pick when the Steelers turned

into what looked like Super Bowl

form again after winning four

straight including an impressive

victory against then-undefeated

Minnesota, finally making Favre

look like he should be discussing

“diabeetis“ with Wilford Brimley

instead of playing football.

Week 12: New Orleans Saints


At 11-0, it was hard to ignore

this team any longer. Drew Brees

had six 300-plus yard passing

games to this point and the team

was winning games by an average

of almost 17 points (16.9).

Week 17: San Diego Chargers


I’ve always been a fan of hot

teams going into the playoffs,

and the Chargers were as hot

as Brooke Shields in “The Blue

Lagoon,” (she was a little young

in that movie, but don’t judge me

before you watch it). They won

11 straight games after starting


Super Bowl winner: New

Orleans Saints

Drew Brees is due, and the

football gods will smile upon

him this Sunday.

Saints 34, Colts 27

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Preseason: Pittsburgh Steelers

(2008 record: 12-4, Super

Bowl XLIII Champions)

No surprise here. I’ve been

a member of Steeler Nation for

as long as I can remember, and

every season I rank them atop

the rest. But this year was different.

This year, the Steelers were

defending Super Bowl Champions.

The title was theirs to lose.

Week 4: New York Giants


What do Mario Manningham,

(the other) Steve Smith and

Hakeem Nicks have in common?

Other than being Giants’ receivers,

it’s safe to say all of these

guys were sitting in the waivers

list for fantasy football owners

in the season’s first few weeks.

Anonymity aside, the trio hauled

in seven of Eli’s eight TD passes

in the team’s first four games.

Week 8: Pittsburgh Steelers


After starting the season 1-2,

the Steelers returned to championship

form by stringing together

four consecutive wins, including

a 27-17 win over the highly

touted Minnesota Vikings. What

Super Bowl hangover?

Week 12: Minnesota Vikings


The only question left for the

Vikings’ playoffs push was how

much was left in Father Favre’s tank. Minnesota averaged 31

points per game heading into

December and had one of the

league’s best defenses.

Week 17: Dallas Cowboys


This was hard to admit. I hate

the Cowboys with a passion.

Tony Romo is second only to

Tom Brady as my least favorite

player in the league. But after

handing the Saints their first

loss in Week 15 and skunking

the Eagles in their season finale,

not too many teams looked more

impressive than the Cowboys

heading into playoffs.

Super Bowl winner: Indianapolis

Colts (14-2)

Two words: Peyton Manning.

Colts spoil Saints’ Super Bowl

debut in typical shootout fashion,


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