Kent State nutrition professor creates nutrition plans for students

Hannah Burkey Reporter

Kent State students can receive a free, individualized and nutritious meal plan.

Tanya Falcone, Kent State nutrition professor and coordinator for the Center of Nutrition Outreach, creates the meal plans herself after gathering information about her client.

Falcone bases her meal plans off of the student’s individual goals, whether that is fat loss, muscle gain or maintaining weight. The meal plan is completely free for students. Students can make an appointment by sending Falcone an email.

“First I figure out how many calories the person requires, then I ask what their goals are, and then I look at what they are typically eating,” said Falcone.

Falcone added that she tries to model the meal plan off of what they are typically eating so it is not a huge change for her clients.

“I record their weight and look at their body fat measurements,” Falcone said. “Then, based on those measurements, I can come up with a calorie and macronutrient recommendation.”

Macronutrients refer to how much carbohydrates, protein and fat individuals should be consuming.

“I usually map out three meals and two to three snacks per day,” Falcone said, “Or even three to four snacks a day based on the specific student’s schedule. 

Falcone conducts weekly check-ins with her clients to make sure the meal plan is working for them.

“It gives direction. Most people want to eat healthy and just don’t know how,” Falcone said.

Hannah Burkey is a rec and fitness reporter. Contact her at [email protected].