Joanna Georges


Senator of the College of Arts candidate for USG. 

Senator of the College of Arts Candidate

Q: What is your platform?

A: “It’s three main goals and my first main goal is to create a more cohesive College of the Arts. I just believe that the four schools, fashion, dance and theatre, music and art are just very separate and that we don’t actually collaborate very often. We’re all stuck in our buildings because we do have independent buildings. If anything the music, dance, and theatre kids get to hang out more because they’re all in one building but art is in the CVA, the fashion kids are in Rockwell and everyone else is in the CPA. So that’s my first platform. The second is to make the resources of the College of the Arts more accessible to students. I feel like what FYE covers, they only cover the resources within your school and if then very limited resources just in general. I feel like the college has scholarships that we don’t know about and different ways to help and other advisors that could be helpful to a lot of students but we just don’t know about it. So I want to make those resources about the college and even individual schools just known to all the students because I believe that’s very important to making a college career successful. My last one is just to make the College of the Arts a better place. Not saying it’s a bad place, but as we get more and more students in the college as kids get accepted and are more involved in our programs, there’s just always more room for development. Especially as we become more diverse and people are majoring in the arts yet minoring in technology or the sciences. I feel like we can grow and foster and make the environment better, but I do love my college a lot.”

Q: Why should people vote for you?

A: “Well, I believe people should vote for me because of me as a candidate. I don’t believe that I am doing this just for the students. I’m doing this for myself and the students. I’m doing this as a collective we because it is not just me and the students, it’s we the collective as the students. Personally, I want to make the college of the arts better for me and in return make it better for other students. I really love helping people. I feel like this is also a great way to branch out and help people on a larger scale without being on the larger scale of the whole entire university.” 

Q: What changes are you looking to enact?

A: “I’m looking to enact more events that involve all of the schools like the fashion, music and theatre, and dance but I’m not thinking of enacting these changes on my own. I definitely, if I were to be elected, would have open forums between all the schools to see what they would like to see and how to make it better. Also, I’d take those ideas to what I think should make the College of the Arts a better place but I wouldn’t want to work just for the students. I want to help the administration with what they want to see so I’ll talk to all the directors of all the schools and even the dean of the college to see what changes they’d like to see implemented and try to be that liaison between the students and the administration while also staying true to how I think the college could be better, just not being so closed-minded.