Dane Paris


Dane Paris, senator of the Honors College candidate for USG. 

Senator of the Honors College Candidate 

Q: What is your platform?

A: “My hope in becoming the Senator for the Honors College is to strengthen the Honors Living Learning Community (Honors LLC), expand its presence on campus, and accommodate the needs of its members the best way seen fit.  To begin, I would like to unify the Stopher-Johnson portion of Honors with the newfound branch of Centennial Court B as well as streamline communication through the two. Hosting more Honors events that include these three residence halls will create a fluidity and synergy in the Honors College and can strengthen its reach across campus.  Additionally, I would like to increase the numbers of the Honors College by drawing in more students who may qualify for the LLC, but have not explored this route. Possible ways of doing such is to host campus-wide events sponsored by the Honors College and even to offer more scholarship opportunities for second, third, and fourth year students who meet the Honors criteria.  The suggestion box for Honors will be a great way to hear back from students on campus and get a feel for their needs as a whole. I will use a senatorial committee to facilitate communication between Undergraduate Student Government and the Honors LLC efficiently. The Honors College is one of the smallest colleges on campus, but it holds some of the highest performing students and should be shown due support in its reputation as well as expanding its impact on the general body of Kent State University.”

Q: Why should people vote for you?

A: “I believe that I am an excellent candidate for Honors College Senator based on my history with the Honors College.  I’ve worked very closely with the Honors faculty in multiple positions in the past. I came to Kent State as an inaugural member of the Honors Leadership Academy, assisted with the Honors presentation for Destination Kent State: New Student Orientation and the Honors Welcome at the Beverly Warren Recreation and Wellness Center, served as a mentor and PLTC trainer for this year’s Honors Leadership Academy, participated in the Honors Senatorial Committee in USG, and have taken part in multiple service events hosted by the Honors College.  Throughout these roles, I have gotten a good feel for the internal workings of the Honors College as well as the needs/wants of its members, and I hope to be able to refine and foster the growth of the Living Learning Community.”

Q: What changes are you looking to enact?

A: “As I mentioned in my platform, I hope to bring more recognition to the Honors College as well as support those students who qualify for the LLC.  Centennial Court B has recently been added to the LLC as a mixed Honors and non-Honors dorm and I hope to connect that residence hall with more of the Honors events being hosted at Stopher-Johnson. I would also like to search for new ways to reward the Honors students for their academic excellence through new scholarship opportunities and awards.  Lastly, I would like to incorporate Honors events throughout the entire university to draw in interested students as well as build a greater reputation for the prestigious branch of Kent State.”