Kaelee Dingey


Director of Student Involvement candidate for USG. 

Director of Student Involvement Candidate

Q: What is your platform? 

A: “In the past year, I’ve served as the Director for Student Involvement so I’m running for re-election. In the past year, my eyes have been open to the possibilities and the opportunities that student involvement gives you. I’m running off of the platform that I’m going to continually strive to expand upon those opportunities. My goals for the coming year are to create meaningful experiences for KSU students that enhances their involvement on campus. I would like to give students an opportunity to have their voices heard through a ‘campus change idea pitch competition,’ in which the winners would be awarded money. I want to create a fund for students who may not be eligible for the typical financial assistance to go on our service trips over the breaks. Lastly, I would like to work on implementing a safe ride program. We’re kind of looking at that now but I made it a part of the platform that we would continue and make sure that gets done next year. And possibly some kind of extension of our veoride program with the bikes, looking into more accessible scooters and stuff like that.” 

Q: Why should people vote for you? 

A: “I think people should vote for me because of my experience. Everything that I did in the past year proves that I’m here and ready to do this job. I created multiple initiatives over this past year, one being our ‘Care About Kent’ initiative that allows student orgs to do service with us and then receive funding for their organizational needs. I’m really good at assessing the needs of our community and one of the big things right now is that student orgs are constantly looking for ways to get funding so they can grow.” 

Q: What changes are you looking to enact? 

A: “The expanding of our transportation needs and our veoride program. That’s a big goal on my mind right now. The idea pitching competition is for sure going to happen, I’ve been working on it the past semester, so I want it to happen in the fall. I’m looking into professional opportunities that link student involvement. So, a big part of student involvement is that while your academics are great for your professional life after school, your involvement and the things that you can put on your resume are also as equally as important. So, I’m looking at ways to use our new engage platform to help students create involvement resumes.”