Taksch Dube


Director of Business and Finance candidate for USG. 

Director of Business and Finance Candidate 

Q: What is your platform? 

A: “My platform has three main goals that I want to fulfill during my term. One is enriching the student body. We, the allocations committee, serve them when they come to us and they have these conferences or events that they feel passionate about and then we give them the resources to make that a reality. I want to help with that by not just having them come to us but rather going to them, finding opportunities that all these student groups would want to participate in. This would make USG a more integral part of the student body. My second point builds off of that, I want to get all student groups involved. I want the university to use its budget to enrich the student body, to help them directly in the way they see fit. Finally, I want to create a larger allocations committee. I want to hire many people from very different majors and backgrounds and very different passions so that we can work together.”

Q: Why should people vote for you?

A: “I think students should vote for me because I have a background working with management and extremely large amounts of data. I have previously worked as an internal auditor intern. I am currently a researcher in the big data analytics lab at Kent State University. And I just have an overall passion for helping people and managing things well. I believe that, especially as a foreigner, I’ve come here not knowing anybody and I think it speaks volume to feel this passionate about the student body, to make as many connections as I have.”

Q: What changes are you looking to enact?

A: “I want USG to be important. I want it to hear its student body very well. As Director of Business and Finance, I would want all university budgets to be allocated to the enrichment of students, to help them directly. I see potential, I see a lot of people trying to succeed and I feel like other students can help them. Hopefully, we can increase student involvement and make everyone feel welcomed at Kent State University.”