Division 1 hockey falls to Oswego 6-5

Sofia Dlugo Sports reporter

Kent State division one men’s hockey played Oswego State Friday night and managed to keep the score close ending each period, forcing the game to go into overtime, then a shootout. 

Kent State didn’t let down its guard and made sure to end the game just one point behind, taking a 6-5 loss over Oswego. Both teams scored only one point in the first period, two in the second and two in the third, before heading to overtime where no goal was made by either team. 

Goals in the third period and the shootout were scored by senior Rubin Chavarria and sophomore Justin Bioni.

Kent State played a fast and competitive offensive game, keeping the puck in its offensive zone for most of the game. The Flashes were able to skate faster and control the puck during the game, helping them with the close score. Kent State was able to maintain the puck and dangle the puck around the Oswego players.

Kent State did manage to get the puck taken away and had to pay close attention when in its defensive zone.

As the game went on, there was more aggression seen from both teams as they fought for the puck in the third period. Kent made sure to follow closely behind Oswego and come back with a goal only minutes after they would score.

During overtime, they played three-on-three aggressively to try to end the game ahead. When neither team scored in overtime, they went into a shootout. It took each team three attempts before Oswego took home the win for tonight’s close game.

With a game this close, it was clear that both teams were on edge and hoping to take the win tonight. Kent State appeared to be more alive and have more energy for tonight’s game, helping them to work better as a team, and not fall far behind Oswego.  

Kent State plays at Oswego again Saturday at 4:30 p.m.

Sofia Dlugo is a sports reporter. Contact her at [email protected].