Hockey drops last home game

Sofia Dlugo Sports reporter

Kent State University DI hockey suffered another loss Saturday evening against Duquesne. The game ended with a 4-0 score after Duquesne took a one-point lead early in the first.

Duquesne scored two more goals in the second period to give them a three-point lead and scored its final goal late in the third period. Kent State spent most of its time in the defensive zone and was unable to maintain and keep control of the puck throughout the game.

Kent State was slow and missed opportunities to take control over the puck. The Flashes were unable to move up and down the ice as quickly tonight, and were therefore unable to keep up with Duquesne.

It was Senior Night tonight so the seniors got to play their final home game ever. Kent State hockey played its final home game of the season.

Kent State had a difficult time playing defensively tonight and was not able to help its goalie. The Flashes were able to play some of the game in their offensive zone, but the majority of the game was played on their half of the ice. Kent State was able to control the puck enough to only allow Duquesne to score four points this game, which is fewer points than in the past. Kent State did a good job limiting the scoring opportunities of Duquesne.

The game was kept much closer than some of the Flashes’ games in the past and the team played more aggressively back on home ice.

Kent State plays at 7:30 pm Friday, February 28 at Ohio University.

Sofia Dlugo is a sports reporter. Contact her at [email protected].