Division 1 hockey’s offense struggles, drop second straight against Drexel

Sofia Dlugo Sports reporter

Kent State University suffered a 7-1 loss Saturday evening to Drexel.  The Flashes played Drexel for the second time this weekend and were unable to bounce back and recover from Friday’s 5-1 loss.

Kent State was able to score one goal early in the first period, looking like the team might have been able to get away with an early lead. An early goal in a hockey game usually means that the team will be able to pull through with a win, but unfortunately, Kent State let in seven goals soon after.  

The team lacked defense this evening, as they were unable to keep possession of the puck. They did not work well as a team, a theme from the past two nights. The team will play one last road game before coming back to play at home on Saturday, February 22.  

Kent State started to look strong at the beginning of the game by taking a quick possession of the puck. The Flashes were able to get an early one-point lead over Drexel to start off the game.  

Kent State played a good offensive game for the majority of the first period until they let in two goals at the very end of the first period.  Kent State was able to play a good defensive game at the start of the second period. Drexel was able to score only two more goals in the second period, all coming in the second half.  

Kent State started to get tired and was playing less aggressively as the Flashes approached the third period as they quickly let in three more goals to give Drexel a six-point lead.    

When the Flashes are at home they are able to control the puck better and faster while keeping up with the opposing team.

Kent State hockey plays Friday, Feb. 21 at Duquesne.

Sofia Dlugo is a sports reporter. Contact her at [email protected].