CHAARG empowers members, encourages body positivity

Body positivity changed the way people look at their bodies and helped them embrace that everyone is different in their own way. 

With over 350 members, CHAARG is the largest organization on campus. It aims to bring college-aged women out of their comfort zones to “find their fit.” Hailey Fisher, president of Kent’s CHAARG chapter, said (the group’s) goal is to liberate women and teach them fitness can be fun no matter their body type. 

“We want to show girls that they are capable of treating their bodies right because they deserve to, and to feel good (…),” said Fisher. 

Fisher said body positivity has become a main focus for CHAARG in making women feel comfortable. CHAARG helps women feel that they have the potential to be their best self no matter what they look like.

“It starts with highlighting your strengths,” she said. “Growth and a change of mindset help girls realize that, yes, you may be in a bigger or smaller body than the girl next to you, but, no, that doesn’t make you any less valuable, it just makes you, you.” 

CHAARG is all about creating a community of women who support each other. They realize it can be hard to go to the gym alone and stay accountable for it, so they make it fun. Alexa Lambert, a CHAARG member, said it’s easier said than done when it comes to being positive about your own body.

“You need to be vulnerable and honest with your flaws first, accept that they are there,” Lambert said. “Then you can start to be your most authentic self.” 

With over 70 chapters across the country, CHAARG holds weekly workouts including salsa dancing, boxing and barre. They have retreats and socials so that each member can form a special bond with each other. CHAARG encourages women to join one of their small groups so they can connect with each other by going to get smoothies or having a movie night.

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