Kent State division III hockey loses 9-0

The Kent State Division III hockey team lost 9-0 at home Saturday night against Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 

Coach Zack Nowak said that even though the team had a good first period, giving up four goals in the second period made it hard for the team to come back. 

“I’m really happy with our playmaking,” Nowak said. “I’m okay with them making mistakes because they saw a play and tried to make it happen.” 

Nowak said the team made it a goal to take four or less penalties in the game. The team took five penalties giving up two power play goals. 

“Anytime we take a penalty that was something that we didn’t have to is more on the individual,” Nowak said. “If someone’s playing hard i’m okay with that, but we are trying to address the selfish penalties.” 

Nowak said moving forward the team needs to focus on playing a full game and focus on improving their ability to make smarter decisions on the ice.

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