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Joining Greek life provides friendship, community and fun

Jacqueline DeMate August 21, 2014

The first week of school begins the recruitment process for anyone hoping to join a fraternity or sorority this school year. Kent State has seven sororities and 18 fraternities that are divided amongst...

Keeping the ‘Freshman 15’ off with exercise

Jenna Francis August 20, 2014

Being consistent with workouts and counting calories are two ways to avoid the “freshman 15” and live a healthy lifestyle.Ben Cope, fitness coordinator in the Department of Recreational Services, said...

Study abroad tips and options to travel the world

Anna Hoffman August 20, 2014

It might come as a surprise but studying at Kent State University doesn’t always mean actually being at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. Kent State offers study abroad programs that go all over the...

Jenna Watson

How to find good seats at the games

Patrick Shade August 20, 2014

How to Find a Good Seat at the Games:It’s been a stressful week: You’ve got numerous tests that are crucial to your grade, meetings almost every night, and that new roommate just won’t stop playing...

Orientation Opinion: Learning to love Kent State

Katie Smith August 20, 2014

Column 2 Learning to Love Kent StateQuite frankly, I didn’t like Kent State University my freshman year: It was too close to home, I was shy and I wanted to transfer. At the end of my freshman year I...

Six alternate forms of college financial aid

Kate Forgach August 20, 2014

College tuition and fees have gone through the roof as government funding has dried up. This comes at a particularly bad time as college-saving accounts have toppled. At the same time, supplemental work...

Special topics courses offer variety at KSU

Emily Mills August 20, 2014

Kent State requires all students to take classes as part of the Kent Core — classes in math, science and writing. However, Kent State offers several special topics courses for students who are looking...

Psychological services offers emotional support for students

Caitlin Siegfried August 20, 2014

Sometimes it’s not just being away from home or the late nights spent bonding with your new friends that can be difficult and confusing. It can be your heavy course load, your roommate whom you just...

Understanding how the ‘Freshman 15’ occurs

Jennie Barr August 20, 2014

Loss of sleep, late night snacking and drinking alcohol are some factors that play a role in weight gain for first-year university students, commonly known as “the freshman 15.” Tanya Falcone, the...

Commuter culture on campus

Kristen Kobe August 20, 2014

Campus connection is crucial to students who attend a college as large as Kent State. Students can get lost in all the programs and activities that Kent has to offer, especially students who do not live...

Orientation Opinion: A smooth start for you and your roommate

Maggie Wachtel August 20, 2014

There is nothing quite like your freshman year of college. And if you’re like most freshmen, you will be dealing with a roommate. If you’re like me and you’ve had your own room for your whole life,...

Orientation Opinion: Roommate tips

Skyler Chill August 20, 2014

Books- CheckDorm Décor- CheckKSU class schedule- CheckIf you think you have everything, you better check your list again. You need your roommate.  You may think finding your roommate is difficult, but...

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