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Emily Mills

Opinion: What I wish I knew my freshman year

Emily Mills August 28, 2015

College is a completely different experience than high school, and it can be rough transitioning to this adult world, where you’re responsible for making sure you have a clean shirt to wear everyday...

Jimmy Miller

Opinion: Location doesn’t matter, but your attitude does

Jimmy Miller August 28, 2015

Perhaps my biggest frustration about interacting with people is unnecessary cynicism.Lately, it seems that a lot of my conversations with people revolve around how college is going. As a junior that went...

Upward Bound students taking a tour through Florence.

Should you study abroad for a summer or a semester?

Alyse Rohloff August 28, 2015

Kent State students have the opportunity to study abroad at Kent State’s Florence, Italy, campus for either a summer or a semester, and there are several elements to consider in deciding how long they...

The Kent State Robotics Team works on its robot for Kent Hack Enough, a two-day long event hosted by HacKSU on the fourth floor in the University Library on Oct. 24, 2014.

HacKSU teaches students to code outside the classroom

Matt Merchant August 28, 2015

There’s a group of computer hackers that meet each week on campus. Unlike the stereotypical malicious hackers found in movies, these are students learning from each other.Want to learn how to make an...

May 4 Task Force helps students gain historic perspective on current events

Matt Merchant August 28, 2015

The events of May 4, 1970 are engrained in the history of Kent State. Five years after the four students were killed on campus by members of the National Guard, the May 4 Task Force was created.“The...

Van Deusen Hall will be transformed into the Center for the Visual Arts, bringing the School of Art together under one roof.

New buildings added to campus

Emily Mills August 28, 2015

Several new buildings are under construction on campus this year, including new homes for the School of Art, the College of Architecture and Environmental Design, the Division of Institutional Advancement...

Students board the Summit East bus at the Student Center.

Five tips for Kent commuters

Austin Bennett August 28, 2015

A campus of more than 22,000 undergraduate students can be intimidating for incoming students. Kent’s classes, sporting events and student organizations bring a diverse group of students together, including...

Police officers from Kent State, Kent City, and Brimfield were stationed in and around Downtown Kent for the annual Halloween festivities Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013. Some officers were on duty until as early as 7 a.m. to make sure rowdy partygoers did not get out of hand.

Safety tips and tricks for Kent State students

Matt Merchant August 27, 2015

On their own for the first time, away from parents and family in an unfamiliar place and surrounded by strangers — and hopefully soon-to-be friends — incoming students always ask, “Is this a safe...

Blackstone LaunchPad prepares for future student entrepreneurs

Brittany Anderson August 27, 2015

With more than 1,000 students utilizing the service of Blackstone LaunchPad, future Kent State students with ideas will have an easy and accessible resource to get help bringing those ideas and plans to...

One of the the Technology Help Desks are located in Tri-Towers.

How to use TechHelp

Jimmy Miller August 27, 2015

From using a laptop for typing a paper to operating an iPad for some Netflix-watching, you’re going to use technology often in your collegiate career.Sometimes, however, technology fails. Maybe you need...

Graduate students have several options to get involved

Alyse Rohloff August 27, 2015

Kent State has more than 6,000 graduate students this year in its more than 50 graduate programs.To help with the high cost of tuition, graduate students can participate in assistantships, which are programs...

Missy Hendrix, a public health major, passes a book to students Baraa Iskandar and Abdullah Almotairi at the Kent State International Student Mentors Meeting on March 3, 2015. Members of the organization can leave a message in their language in the journal to share with the group. 

Kent State welcomes 3,000 international students this fall

Alyse Rohloff August 27, 2015

Kent State is planning to host about 3,000 international students this fall, with about 30 percent coming from China and 42 percent coming from Saudi Arabia. About 45 percent of international students...

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