Vala Zeinali


Photo of Vala Zeinali.

Candidate for Director of Business and Finace

What is your platform?

“Essentially, I want to do more for organizations as well as marginalized people here on campus. So that is pretty much the core of my platform. However, I’m still going to keep everything the same. I’m not going to get rid of things that are still working for USG — I just want to add on top of it to reach the students as a whole because the whole part of USG is to try to get and hit everybody and what they want instead of say, focusing on things that don’t necessarily impact everyone.”

Why should people vote for you?

“I want to make a change here on campus. Being in charge of a budget, I feel as if I can help save up for organizations. I’m personally involved in other student organizations, and I am tired of having to pay my own money to fund  trips and dues. The money that USG has … that money can be used to pay for $10 dues that you have or a $15 pizza party that your organization wants to plan. That is a big platform for me. I want to have a diversity event that USG funds; I know there are some that go on right now, but it’s not necessarily funded through USG, and I’d like to collaborate KIC and USG to try to fund a bigger diversity event to reach out to more people here on campus because we are a very diverse campus. So, those are my two biggest things that I’m going off of. However, I’m not going to change anything that is working like (TedxKentState) or concerts. Everything is going to be the same, just built on to and reach out to more people.”

What changes are you looking to enact?

“I believe that we need to change because I feel as if we are doing everything the same, that’s right, to keep what works consistent but also don’t be scared to try new things because that’s how you grow. So, saying like diversity events or funding more organizations — that’s change. That’s not something USG has done much of in the past. USG has a lot of Greek life on it. Now there is nothing wrong with that, I’m just saying that if we are trying to reach out to most people here on campus, we need to have a little more diversity in USG to hit all those different people here on campus. So I definitely would like to see on USG’s part to get more diverse senators, directors, appointed positions, even the student body president for things to change and not all Greek in a sense.”