Paul Weinper

Photo of Paul Weinper.

Photo of Paul Weinper.

Candidate for Director of Student Advancement

What is your platform?

“So basically … A big part of the position is to work with the university for their upcoming master plan: that big one-point-whatever-billion-dollar-10-year-plan they’re launching. And one of my big things with them is transparency and making sure that deadlines are set and very clear, because I know a lot of people are very tired of the construction that’s going on and just wanna know when things are gonna be done when they’re supposed to be. I also want to make sure students feel safe on campus. That’s a big thing. I know several students who have been victims of sexual assault and other sort of harassment, and I just want to be there and help provide, make Kent a more nurturing environment for a lot of different things, and also work with other senators and directors to really just make sure what our budget is. We pay all this money for tuition and we need to be able to see where all that’s going to and making sure that the money is going to things we actually use and not just random stuff.”

Why should people vote for you?

“I wouldn’t tell people to vote for me if I didn’t think I was the right person for the job. I’ll give it my all. I’ve held several leadership positions and organizations on campus, whether it was the secretary of Kappa Psi Phi fraternity, or the director of programming for the Kent State Interfraternity Council. … If I didn’t think I could do this job, I would not be running for it.”

What changes are you looking to enact?

“The biggest change, I’d say, is to make sure that every student feels comfortable no matter their walk of life. And I can say I know students who are not comfortable, and whether they face harassment from either side, or a political affiliation, or they take some harassment from that, I just wanna make sure that students feel comfortable, and I feel like that’s the biggest change I want to make: is making sure this is a more open and diverse campus.”