Alexander Thornhill

Photo of Alexander Thornhill.

Candidate for Director of Student Involvement

What is your platform?

“My Campaign focuses on three pillars: leadership, inclusion and accessibility.

My goal is to increase visibility for USG on campus and increase accessibility of our services to the student body so that we can bridge the gap between us and the students. I will also aim to introduce a mentorship program for student leaders in order to help encourage interest in USG. I am aiming to hold luncheons with student organization representatives in order to understand the needs of the students and encourage conversation among student leaders. I also pledge to work tirelessly to increase voter turnout because I believe it is impossible to represent our student body when only 5% of our students vote. Finally, I will introduce an electronic version of a comment card so that students can have their voices heard here on campus in a safe, low pressure environment.”

Why should people vote for you?

“People should vote for me because my non-partisan stance will bring involvement from all facets of the student body, allowing organizations that currently hold widespread interest to maintain that, while also giving attention to those that don’t. in addition, my platform focuses on bringing awareness to USG, so students know more so what they are being represented by”.

What changes are you looking to enact?

I am looking to improve the current system in place so that all students feel included and have their voices heard. Many students feel disenfranchised and USG should do everything to change that by making the campus safer for everyone. I also hope to improve the way students have access to their representatives and make the process of interaction easier for both the student and the representative. Overall, I wish to improve democracy as a whole here at USG.”