Best pizza


Lillie Leasure

A pepperoni pizza from Lucci’s Place located at 405 E. Main St., Kent Ohio.

Mariah Alanskas, Reporter

FIRST: Lucci’s Place

Walking into Lucci’s Place, you’re hit by the sight of flipping pizza dough flying around in the air and the smell of fresh baked dough filling the Main Street located shop.

Annie King, a Lucci’s Place opener and self-proclaimed maker of pizza, said it’s not just what’s in the sauce that attributes to Lucci’s popularity, but also the dough.

“We make the dough and our sauce every day by hand so it’s very fresh,” King said. “Especially compared to a lot of the chains that are around here.”

Lucci’s place has over thirty years of experience serving Kent, Cuyahoga Falls and the surrounding areas. King said their hottest menu item goes back to the basics: pepperoni pizza. Though, it’s really up to you as everything can be “build your own.”

“I used to get Lucci’s a lot before I worked here,” she said. “It really is the best in Kent.”

SECOND: Belleria

Belleria is a staple for Italian food in the Kent area.

A chef at Belleria takes orders during a dinner rush. (Sophia Lucente )

Haley Scarberry, a manager and server at Belleria, said with the combination of a good price and fresh dough, students and locals keep coming back.

“We homemake our dough, we make it fresh everyday,” Scarberry said. “It’s cheap, a good price.”

When asked what the signature and most popular pizza choices are, Scarberry explained that the “Bella,” their deluxe pizza and the margherita pizza, are the hit items that keep customers coming back.

THIRD: EuroGyro

EuroGyro has been serving Northeast Ohio campuses since its first location opened in 1984 near the University of Akron. It now serves the Kent area and the Kent State campus.

In terms of customer base, general manager Ryan Singleton said EuroGyro is popular among Kent State students.

“It’s a good college bar,” Singleton said. “They come down here to get a pizza, especially on Wednesdays [the] $5.99 one large item pizza, that one’s very popular. Very big gravitation for all the students.”

A sign shows the reflection of the bar at EuroGyro in downtown Kent. (Sophia Lucente)

Mariah Alanskas is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected]