Best residence hall

Ty Kohler, Reporter

FIRST: Centennial Courts

Centennial Court B. (Matthew Brown )

Centennial Courts has been housing students for 20 years now, so it is only fitting that the dorm won first place during its anniversary year.

There are six dorms in the Centennial Courts, courts A-F.

The halls are a short walk from the Student Center, library and Rosie’s, making it a prime spot for easy access to some of the more popular locations on campus.

Centennial Court C is also one of the few housing halls that allow students over the age of 21 to have alcohol. The dorms come with plenty of space, and the main attraction is a private bathroom.

The dorms have lounge areas for students to hang out, as well as a kitchen for students to make their own food.

“The dorms are the nicest on campus in my experience,” said Nathaniel Kaduk, a junior computer science major. “The people have been nice and the building feels secure. I would definitely recommend living here if you have the chance.”

SECOND: Tri Towers

Tri Towers resident halls that are all connected to each other and the rotunda. The rotunda has Rosie’s Dinner, Tri Rec, and a laundry room. (Sydney Pike)

With a diner, fitness center, laundromat and many other benefits just a stairwell away, it is easy to see why Tri Towers is a favorite residence hall.

“I love the fact that it has so many things in one area,” said Amanda Bogus, a freshman exploratory major. “I can go do my laundry, eat and work out all without having to leave. It is especially useful in the winter; you can stay in comfy clothes the whole time.”

Tri Towers is made up of four halls: Korb, Leebrick, Koonce and Wright. It is one of the largest housing complexes on campus, with roughly 1,535 students. The halls also contain four Living-Learning Communities: the LGBTQ+, aeronautics and engineering, College of Arts and Sciences and computer science.

Each dorm has up to 12 floors and the top floor of some have a large lounge complete with a kitchen.

THIRD: Olson Hall

Olson Hall is the living learning community of the college of communication and information. (Lillie Leasure)

Located next to the MAC Center, Olson Hall has been at the center of the campus since 1961. Easy walking distance to the student center, library, DI Hub and many other places helps solidify Olson as the third best hall, voted by students.

The hall is part of the Quad, along with Lake, Stopher and Johnson, and it is home to roughly 235 students, most of whom are part of the College of Communication and Information Living-Learning Community.

“Honestly it just feels like we got a little community,” said Oscar Zvomuya,  a freshman exploratory major. “We got a group chat that people can say when they need something and we try and help each other out. We look out for each other.”

Ty Kohler is a reporter. Contact him at [email protected]