Best Burger

Ray’s Place, located on Franklin Avenue, was voted best burger in this year’s Best of Kent contest. FILE.

Kelsey Husnick


Ray’s Place

Best Burger is one of six first-place finishes for Ray’s Place. Click here to read the full profile.


Bar 145

Bar 145 is known for its seemingly odd yet delicious creations. They turn a burger into a work of art, with flavor combinations that might make customers a little skeptical at first, until they experience the handiworks for themselves.

“Some of their faces are actually pretty good to see, said Kiel Rohrbacher a manager at Bar 145. “We try to think outside the box when it comes to it, so their reaction when they look at some of the creations is like, ‘How do you come up with this?’ and then once they try it they see where we’re going with it.”

One of their big sellers right now is one of Rohrbacher’s favorites, the Monte Cristo Burger: a beef patty with homemade blackberry jam and Swiss cheese served on French toast for a mix of salty and sweet. You can stop in to try it or Bar 145’s current burger of the month — a strawberry waffle with a beef patty, some brie cheese, a homemade pistachio butter and a homemade strawberry jam.


Five Guy’s

Five Guy’s manager Francine McCombs said that the “fast-casual” restaurant does not have a freezer in its store. This means everything they sell is made fresh, every day, and they can provide quality burgers ready for you within 5 to 8 minutes.

On top of quality products, McCombs said Five Guys strives to provide fun, fast and fantastic service.

With the ability to customize your burgers, you can come up with up to 2,000 different combinations, and the “freestyle” Coke machine contains 120 different flavors to choose from.

Add in the free peanuts and Five Guy’s is a burger contender even with all the new locations popping up around town.

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