Best Tattoo and Piercing Parlor

Workers Mike Jagel (left) and Chase Ogle (right) wait for customers to come into Defiance Tattoos on April 7, 2014. Defiance Tattoos was voted best tattoo and piercing parlor in Kent.

Zac Younkins


Defiance Tattoos

Voted the best place for tattoos and piercings in Kent, the staff at Defiance provides affordable services and are devoted to their craft. Defiance has been a staple of Kent for over eight years.

I was a thoroughly satisfied customer in 2010 and plan to go back for any future tattoo needs. The staff attributes their business model to their success and popularity.

“We’re fair with prices and we try to have a comfortable place that’s friendly and accommodating,” said tattoo artist Ryan Fishley. “Everyone puts a lot of effort into cleanliness and the quality of their art.”

Unlike most other parlors, their minimum is a mere $20.00. They promote their art by posting photos to their Instagram and Facebook accounts, where their customers can see some of the pieces they’ve been working on.

The facilities are always in top condition and the staff is more than congenial; if you want to make your body the next Sistine Chapel, let Defiance be your Michelangelo.


Smokin’ tattooz

Smokin’ Tattooz is another mainstay of Kent, located only a few doors down and across Main Street from Defiance. Its large building has a spacious lobby and comfortable seating for customers.

Its staff has included recipients of awards and praise from customers.

“I’ve never met a staff besides Tattooz’s who actually try to find the right equipment and art for customers who have a specific price range,” said Ben Fekete, junior integrated language arts major.


Deathstar Nation

Deathstar Nation is the newest location on the list of Kent’s best tattoo and piercing locations. It opened only last year on Cherry Street, conveniently next to Kent Plaza.

What makes Deathstar unique is the fact that aside from being a top notch tattoo parlor, it is also home to a large glassware boutique. Hand-blown glass tobacco pipes and apparatuses make up the storefront, with the tattoo and piercing being in the back.

The staff is knowledgeable in both areas and are very friendly and conversational.

“They had very helpful employees. I came in as a newcomer, and they gave me valuable knowledge on products,” said junior electronic media major Matt Reymann.

“Tattoos and glassware, all of the art Deathstar has to offer is premium quality,” senior electronic media major Alex Kochy said. “They’ve got something for everybody.” 

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