Best Place for a First Date


Bistro on Main, 2nd Place: Best Place for a First Date

Melissa Puppo


Ray’s Place

Best Place for a First Date is one of six first-place finishes for Ray’s Place. Click here to read the full profile.




Bistro on Main

With fresh food made to order and a menu that changes all the time, there’s a lot to love about the Bistro. The menu is top quality, all served in an elegant fashion with red brick walls, warm lighting and rooms full of heavy aromas.

“There’s a relaxed atmosphere, it’s decorated very nicely, and you want to impress your date, right?” Tribuzzo joked. “You’re getting great food and drinks and great service.”

While the menu might change often, Bistro always serves up the favorites. Owner Dave Tribuzzo said some of the favorites on the menu include fire-roasted, thick-cut pork chops, pan-seared scallops, pot roast and their famous BOM burger— fresh ground beef, aged white cheddar, caramelized onion jam and lettuce, tomato and house mayo finish off that customer favorite.



Opened Jan. 7, Bricco has become one of the newest restaurants to offer affordable prices with upscale dining. Wooden chairs and tables with aqua-accented candles on each table make up this large space complete with a full-bar.

“Our goal has been to offer fine dining and quality food service with out all the stuffiness and people feeling like they can’t enjoy themselves,” executive chef Chris Allrutz said. “You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a good time.”

Some favorites at the restaurant include the margherita pizza; baked penne pasta with sausage onion, peppers and pink sauces; and the shrimp, scallops with apple, bacon and scallion risotto and white wine butter.

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