Best food delivery app

Sophie Young, Reporter

First: DoorDash

Courtesy of Doordash

DoorDash is the largest online food delivery company in the United States – and in Kent.

“You can pretty much order whatever you want and there’s going to be a delivery driver,” said Isabella Mollick.

Mollick has worked as  DoorDasher for about two years, driving for the company and delivering food across Kent. 

“Some days are really great. You make a lot of money and you have decent orders,” she said of her experience.

Courtesy of Uber Eats

Second: UberEats

Eats might be in the name, but this app isn’t just for food.

Ride sharing platform Uber created UberEats in 2014, and the app has been providing delivery services since then. It includes sections to choose from: restaurants, convenience, pharmacy and baby.

Options on the app cater to diners of every kind, with allergy friendly, healthy eating and family favorite categories. 

Third: gopuff

Courtesy of gopuff

Whatever you need – snacks for a movie, medicine for a headache, cleaning supplies for a bathroom – GoPuff can get it to you.

The third place delivery service isn’t just a food delivery service. GoPuff is open late and delivers whatever you order in 15 to 20 minutes.

“I use GoPuff, it’s pretty nice and they have a lot of stuff,” said Kylee Johnson, student and on-campus resident at Kent State. “I definitely recommend the app.”

Sophie Young is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected].