Best drunk food


Janson McNair

Deidre Keener (left), Renasia Waller (center left), Maria Hanshaw (center right), and Tori Hanshaw (right) wait outside EuroGyro during Kent’s Fake Paddy’s Day Celebration Mar. 11.

Leah Shepard, Staff Reporter

FIRST: EuroGyro

EuroGyro offers an eclectic range of activities throughout the week, including its famous Wacky Wednesday, manager Ryan Singleton said.

Singleton said they get a variety of customers throughout the week.

“In the daytime, we get your local townies, in-and-out workers,” Singleton said. “In the nighttime, we get more college students and partiers. So it’s a good mix of the two.”

Singleton, who has worked at EuroGyro for 15 years, said Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturday nights are the busiest of the week for the establishment. He said this is in part due to the “special” nights EuroGyro hosts, as well as the bar’s hours.

“They stumble on in,” he said. “And they’re always here to eat because we’re one of the few places that stay open past 3 a.m. They gotta get something in their system to feel better.”

Singleton said EuroGyro offers a good mix of atmosphere depending on the time.

“In the day, it’s more quiet and laid back,” he said. “At nighttime, it’s more of a real party atmosphere.”

SECOND: Guys Pizza Co. 

Guys Pizza Co., which offers Chicago-style and oven-baked pizzas, gets a lot of business on weekends according to store owner Evan Lundberg.

“Friday and Saturday are always big pizza days,” Lundberg said. “And we’re open till 3 a.m. so we get the bar crowd all those nights.”

Lundberg, who has worked at Guys Pizza Co. in various roles for 15 years, said Guys’ sees many inebriated people on the weekends, but the business attracts a good mix of locals and students.

Guys Pizza Co. is located at 146 S. Water St. (Anthony Scilla)

“We’re open, we’re quick and we always have slices ready,” he said. “We usually keep our large pizzas ready too, for people who want whole pizzas.”

Lundberg has lived in Kent for 40 years and is both a Kent State and Theodore Roosevelt High School alumnus. He said Guys Pizza Co. isn’t just focused on serving those who enjoy Kent’s nightlife.

“We try to put the best product we have out there and we love supporting local schools,” he said. “I try to help out as much as I can in the community.”

THIRD: Taco Bell

Taco Bell is located on Main Street across from Hilltop Drive, and on weekends, cars can be seen lined up into the street as students wait for the drive-thru.

“I always bring all my drunk friends there,” senior psychology major MacKenzie Frankford said. She said even during their busiest hours, Taco Bell is always quick.

“It’s quick and fast,” she said. “It’s busy but they’re very fast-paced most of the time.

Leah Shepard is a staff reporter. Contact her at [email protected]